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Episode 7 - Author Lisa Dee DunnamThe Wordsmith's Edge
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2 Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story— those He redeemed from the hand of the foe...

Psalm 107:2




"This books is very vulnerable. She lets you in on the darkest parts of her journey. In that darkness, you'll see the beautiful ways Jesus rescues, redeems, and heals." 

-Cody Carnes,

4 Time Grammy Award Nominee

Christian Songwriter/Recording Artist

"This book gives hope and clarity to all of us that have gone through our own seasons of despair. It is raw, real, transparent, and she holds nothing back. Her courage is contagious."


"Whether you've gone through abuse, divorce, parenting, being lost or know someone that has - this book is for you. There is a solid message that no matter how far you think you are from God, He's right there." 


"This is a must-read-can't-put-down-book. Not only is this book about an incredible life she's living now, but it's about not being perfect your whole life for God to love and cherish you. He meets you where we are and Lisa shared her testimony that I know a lot can relate to."



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Lisa Dunnam is not a renowned author. She’s someone who lives a quiet life in a rural region of West Texas. In her only book she will probably ever write, she takes the reader on a walk down memory lane to illustrate several decades of her life where she was trapped in the sins that many women struggle with - abuse, abortion, addiction, and adultery. Her low self-esteem and lost sense of identity were rooted in lies she believed about herself that began in her childhood...


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"Don't Fall For It!"

By Lisa Dee Dunnam

Available on Amazon


My hope in writing this book is not to glorify the moments I was lost, but rather show how the Father was glorified in those moments.

Whether you have gone through abuse of any kind, addiction, questions about your faith and/or purpose or overcoming a negative or troubled past - this book is for you. If you've ever experienced a divorce, have struggled through settling for the wrong person or infidelity - this book is for you. If you're a parent and want to dive deep into some pitfalls to avoid (or recover from If you're in the midst) with your teen or young adult - this book is for you.

Author: Author Lisa Dee Dunnam

Publisher: Lisa Dee Dunnam

Foreword: Cody Carnes

Book Cover: Cody Williams

Editor: Ashley Newman

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